Monday, March 3, 2008

The Power of The Masons?

I was issued 5 tickets for passing a stopped school bus with absolutely no paper work on my '94 Acclaim. The officer was in a bad mood, and declared that he was gonna "get me for everything I can".

As I approached the judge on the morning of my appointed court date, I was met with a cold heart mirrored by an icy stare. "Do you wish to contest these tickets?" he demanded.
"Yes, sir." I timidly answered.

I was rudely assigned a trial date, and told to exist stage left. A tearful call to my mother and the desire to end the ordeal prompted me to return to the crowded court, to see if they could reduce my $1,500 in fines.

The bailiff gruffly informed me that I would have to wait until the other fifty or so other not-so-impressive-looking people had been served. However, something changed drastically once I set my book on the table.

Dripping with congeniality, the judge reduced my fines by 75% and asked if there was anything they could do for me. Could it have anything to do with my book on the Masons?


Jennifer said...

wow is that a true story?

Josh and Sarah Cox said...

The power of the masons is amazing. I worked at Sprint with two was the manager, the other a sales rep. The sales rep repeatedly missed sales quotas, but was NEVER reprimanded or fired. There were several incidents where write-ups were due, but none ever given.

It was amazing to see how cordial these guys were to their fellow "brothers" that would do business at our store.