Tuesday, July 10, 2007

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Sprint Cancels Army Unit's Cellphones For Roaming Too Much

More Brilliancy from my good friends at Sprint...

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Sprint Cancels Army Unit's Cellphones For Roaming Too Much

sadarmy.jpgSprint canceled the service of 200 Army men and women who had just come back from Iraq. For roaming too much. Because Sprint hadn't installed a tower close enough to their base. A little ol' backwoods place called West Point.

Sprint eventually apologized and agreed to reinstate all the accounts of those who called in and identified themselves as members of the armed forces.

Really, though, the Sprint robots were just doing their job:cancel the account, without prejudice, of anything unprofitable that moved.

The flip-side of course being that if you want to cancel Sprint without early termination fee, just figure out a way to make more than 50% of your calls for a few months while roaming. We hear the Army still has a few open slots.

Sprint Giving Military Members the Boot [SprintUsers.com]

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TSA Confiscates Water Bottle, Misses Bomb

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TSA Confiscates Water Bottle, Misses Bomb

liquids.jpgFederal inspectors were able to slip a bomb past the TSA 5 out of 7 times, according to the Albany Times-Union. Here's the best part: One fake bomb was placed in the same bag as a bottle of water. The TSA opened the bag, took the water, and let the bomb on the plane.

The TSA spokesperson responded:

"We don't discuss the results because they tend to paint an inaccurate picture of the competency of our work force," she said. "The tests are designed to be incredibly difficult and TSA does anticipate a fair level of failure."
They seem pretty good at detecting Evian, though, don't they?

Fake bomb eludes airport test [Times-Union via BoingBoing]
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