Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Man With Loaded Gun Slips Past Security

Man With Loaded Gun Slips Past Ronald Reagan Airport Security

con_traywithshoesatairport.jpg A man carrying a loaded gun passed through the security checkpoint at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport without incident this past Sunday, apparently because the gun wasn't floating in a shampoo bottle or hidden in a shoe. He then remembered he was carrying it and brought it back to the TSA authorities, who promptly charged him with "possessing or transporting a firearm into an air carrier terminal where prohibited, a misdemeanor, and released him."

The screener who didn't notice the gun has been removed from security duty while the TSA investigates, and they insist this was an isolated incident:

We know this is not a systemic problem in that our testing indicates TSOs [Transportation Security Officers] have a very high success rate at finding firearms. Given the high degree of reliability that our TSOs can find even carefully concealed firearms, we are evaluating every aspect of this incident.
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