Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Haloween!

Ok, so last night we went to Waikiki to "check out the costumes". We had NO idea how crazy and fun it is here! Seriously, I would estimate 5,000+ people dressed up with the best costumes! After walking up and down the strip, meeting people, taking pictures, and having a blast, we found some magazine stands to perch on.

It was the best view for the awesomest party of my life! We were having so much fun, that we forgot the parking garage closed at midnight! I felt like Cinderella running down the street to see if we had indeed been locked out! After passing tons of people, a few druken folks, and a police car with a slashed tire, we discovered that, indeed, we were toast!

Well, you would think the 40 or so cops standing around would afford some help, but this was not the case. We were given directions to the only convenience store open, and set out to purchased the essentials for a night's stay in Waikiki.

Interesting to say the least, was our midnight stroll. We stopped for breakfast at a little pancake place, and finally found a drugstore where we could obtain what we needed, including a great bargain on blankets and pillows.

Thus began the longest walk of my life, back to the beach. Confusing streets, scary allies, out of control sprinklers, deep mud, and a canal with only one bridge were just the tip of the iceberg. I was never so happy to finally reach the hotel's beach, blow up my pillow, and recline on a padded cabana-covered chair. Thankfully, the hotel staff was gracious enough to let us rest in peace.

The soldier and his new girlfriend he met were not as considerate. We were awakened an hour later to hear him loudly trying to persuade her how wonderful it would be to skinny-dip in the Pacific. Of course, with Bacardi on his side, he won, and I was SHOCKED to see two complete strangers strip completely, and head for the water! However, I don't think they counted on the 15 or so people who would be there when they emerged, as they were very apologetic to all those offered a free show on the beach!

A little before six, we headed to the car, and were amused (and appalled) to see that someone had poured soap in a huge fountain, and it was filled with suds! At last, we found a security guard who opened the gate for us, and we were on our way, driving into the sunRISE. A definite first for me. Ok, most of that was a first for me.

Happy Halloween, folks!


4loveofacuppa said...

Kara!!!! You have a blog! I'm so excited:) And I loved your Halloween pics on Facebook... too cool!

Rachel said...

You had me rolling when I read this story. It somehow reminded me of camp and college. I'm glad to see after all these years I wasn't the trouble maker in our friendship!