Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Geek Brain Explained


The article goes on to say that you can retrain your brain to isolate to just one task at a time (if you really wanted to); however, studies are starting to show that multitasking can actually create more problems than it solves. Do you agree or disagree with the writer's opinion that poor attention spans are nothing more than multitasking gone awry? Let's hear in the comments.


Josh and Sarah Cox said...

I teach the 5th grade. When a 5th grader has a poor attention span, 9 times out of 10 it's because they have no self-discipline. Parents want to blame everything else, but they haven't taken the time to make their kids obey.

As far as multi-tasking goes, I would agree with the article. Personally, I can do a lot of different types of things at the same time, but I do have a hard time concentrating on one thing.

Julio Medina said...

We live in a muti task world. Te thought of doing one thing at a time seems impossible in this society.