Wednesday, August 15, 2007

8 easy things you can do to lose fat

Geek living: 8 easy things you can do to lose fat

  • Drop sodas forever
    Sodas are the enemy number one of this society. Drop it and your GI will get lower instantly. This will change the direction your body is taking and will reduce the amount of food converted to fat. If you are addicted to soda or have cravings, make sure you have only one in the morning, and once every two days. Gradually drop to once a week until you are happy without them. They are the pest of our century and are the main reason of people looking unhealthy.

  • Drop fast-food forever
    Fast food are so expensive! They are the typical solution to an unorganized geek. Get organized at your next shopping day and make sure you don’t need it anymore. If you really like the taste and are addicted. Make sure you get what you like once a week only, and at lunch! That way, your addiction will fade away softly.

  • Drop sugary food to only once a week
    Cakes, chocolate bars and such are also raising your GI and making your flubber shine. Don’t cut them off entirely of your life. For starters, it’s nearly impossible to do, second you will find that once a week is just enough!

  • Drop carbs at dinner
    Carbs are easily put to use by the body during the day. At night, they sit in your stomach and as you go asleep they will be more likely to be converted to fat. Carbs are converted to energy, which is used in your daily life. Unlike models, don’t drop carbs entirely or you will have serious issues at 50. Instead, reduce the carbs intake at dinner, as it won’t sit in your stomach all night. Carbs include pasta, potatoes, rice and bread. Also check the labels of whatever you’re eating at dinner to find out how much carbs it contains.

  • Eat dinner earlier
    This simple fact will allow you to digest better, and sleep better. If your body is able to process dinner before bed time, much less will sit there all night and turn into fat.

  • Get physically active twice a week
    Sport is good. Any sport. From boxing to table-tennis. It makes you move, and that’s good for you. We live in a society that doesn’t make good use of our bodies. We’ve never moved so little. We travel by sitting, we work by sitting, we relax by sitting. This is just bad and it’s only getting worse. Find what you like and get involved.

  • Sleep more
    In our fast paced life, sleep is a very underestimated asset. Good sleep makes you more focussed. It also helps the body recover and then get to work on itself. It takes about 7-8 hours for the body to recover, then after that it only starts to build and focus on what needs improvement. You can’t really get any better if you don’t sleep properly. Why do you think that babies sleep so much?

  • Increase protein intake
    Imagine a balance. To lose weight or get leaner, you will need to raise the amount of protein intake. It’s a very simple ratio: more protein than carbs in a day, and you get leaner. As simple as it sounds. However, this is a hard task as carbs are everywhere, but decent intakes of protein are rare.

Finally: WHY should you bother?

Well it’s really simple. By looking better, you also get more lovable. People like someone who looks good. You can fight society or choose to be come a part of it. Your body is this interface that you carry around and it represents YOU. Whatever you do, it’s you. It’s time to take a hard look in the mirror and face the fact that you need to be living in society as a part of it. A leaner body will also increase your confidence and therefor your chances of success in whatever you’re trying to achieve. And finally, you will feel better.

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