Friday, May 18, 2007

Sprint Customer Service is JUNK

With regard to your time and state of mind, I will refrain from offering the details of my latest encounter with Sprint Customer Service. However, this has been by far the worst experience I have ever had with Corporate America.

Sprint Customer service staff is completely incapable of handling simple changes, and they don't care enough about their customers to try to meet their needs or even listen to what they have to say. Sprint has programs in place that are specifically designed to deceive customers, and they continuously fail to honor statements made by their representatives. Don't believe anything they tell you. You must receive what they say in writing, or it will not be validated or even taken into consideration when you call once again due to an unsatisfactory screw up with the company.

The only action you can take, short of carpet bombing their headquarters, is to register a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General's Office, futile though it may be. I regret the day I was tricked into signing on with Sprint, and would like to warn all unsuspecting potential wireless customers who have considered signing with said company to run - RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

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